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@article{Cristian_Ciurea_Ivan_2013, title={Approaches on Internet of Things Solutions}, volume={5}, url={}, abstractNote={The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is presented with its features and particularities in the first section of the paper. In the second section are presented the technical terminology and how inter-domain technologies such as: Internet/Semantic and Middleware, RFID/NFC and Smart Objects-embedded devices are linked together. The paper shows an implementation of the authentication procedure with a proximity tag/card implemented in Java SE, in the third section. The conclusions are presented in the fourth section and they describe the opportunity to develop a proof of concept project, which may have multiple implementations.}, number={3}, journal={Journal of Mobile, Embedded and Distributed Systems}, author={Cristian, Toma and Ciurea, Cristian and Ivan, Ion}, year={2013}, month={Sep.}, pages={124-129} }