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@article{Petre_2014, title={Security Elements in Distributed Mobile Architectures}, volume={6}, url={}, abstractNote={The mobile phones have emerged in order to overcome the basic need of human beings for being in contact one with each other. In time, the functionalities of such devices have evolved. And so, the users have started to use more and more online social services like Facebook™, Twitter™ or Foursquare™, in order to keep in touch more easily. Unfortunately, the current information exchange models come with a high risk when it comes to sensitive areas like keeping the users’ data private and protecting the intimacy of the users. The purpose of this paper is to make an audit of such a mobile distributed architecture – a real time location based mobile social network that aims at helping its users to remain in permanent contact with their beloved ones.}, number={1}, journal={Journal of Mobile, Embedded and Distributed Systems}, author={Petre, Vlad}, year={2014}, month={Mar.}, pages={24-29} }