Electronic Wallet and Access Control Solution Based on RFID MiFare Cards


  • Stefan Victor Lefter The Bucharest University of Economic Studies


RFID, NFC, contactless smartcard, electronic wallet, controlled access, theme parks, music festivals


With the advent of Radio Frequency Identification technologies or RFID for short, different types of products and security-relevant applications have been developed for use in fields and businesses like: inventory management, product tracking, access control, passports or transport fare collection. Even though RFID has been around for quite some time, there are some types of businesses like theme parks, water parks or music festivals that haven’t yet tested the benefits that this technology brings.

This paper focuses on presenting advantages and disadvantages of using an unified access control and electronic wallet system based on RFID cards like MiFare tags as an alternative to existing ticket/currency access and payment systems employed by the majority of the businesses mentioned above.

Author Biography

Stefan Victor Lefter, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies

IT&C Security Master

Department of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics


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