Digital Forensics Capabilities in an Open Source Framework


  • Cosmin Bubulean IT&C Security Master Department of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics The Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Digital Forensics, Digital Forensics Framework, DFF, Open-Source Framework, Forensics principles, Legal issues, Encryption, Cloud digital forensics


This article focus to establish a new perspective about digital forensics and how this technology could be used by more and more people. Nowadays, this term is not so popular between regular computer users. They don’t know what digital forensics is and how could they take advantage of this new technology. The tools available on the market are designated and used especially for legal authorities all over the world. Most of them are a company solution of the problem, premium software, and the development facilities are private, but they offer support and trainings that come with a price.  But for a regular user this isn’t very handy, because this software comes with high prices, or couldn’t be used at all, due to the fact that for a few products only the law enforcements units have this right. However, open-source solutions have now a rapid development, and the developer community behind them is a big plus. DDF – Digital Forensics Framework is an open-source framework, having great capabilities that empower a regular user with great investigations features.


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