Encryption as a Service using Parallel Computing Frameworks


  • Alexandru Costin Stanimir The Bucharest University of Economic Studies


OpenCL, AES, Cloud Computing, C 11, REST Services, Benchmarking


In this article I present a study of an implementation named Encryption as a service which is a web service that can be deployed on a various number of devices and that can take advantage of parallelism in order to provide basic functionality of a cryptographic system: encrypt, decrypt and store data. This goal was achieved by implementing symmetric key cryptography algorithm Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) using Open Computing Language (OpenCL) and exposed this functionality through a REST web service .The performance results were obtained by deploying this solution on Windows Azure platform in order to take advantage of 20x CPU computing power m Amazon Web Service platform equipped with 2x Nvidia Tesla K20 GPU and regular home user hardware. This study represents a first step in a broader project which final goal is to provide full support for all encryption algorithms.

Author Biography

Alexandru Costin Stanimir, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies

IT&C Security Master

Department of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics


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