Facial Recognition using OpenCV


  • Shervin Emami NVIDIA
  • Valentin Petrut Suciu IT&C Security Master Department of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics


face, detection, recognition, system, OpenCV, Eigenface


The growing interest in computer vision of the past decade. Fueled by the steady doubling rate of computing power every 13 months, face detection and recognition has transcended from an esoteric to a popular area of research in computer vision and one of the better and successful applications of image analysis and algorithm based understanding. Because of the intrinsic nature of the problem, computer vision is not only a computer science area of research, but also the object of neuro-scientific and psychological studies, mainly because of the general opinion that advances in computer image processing and understanding research will provide insights into how our brain work and vice versa.

Because of general curiosity and interest in the matter, the author has proposed to create an application that would allow user access to a particular machine based on an in-depth analysis of a person’s facial features. This application will be developed using Intel’s open source computer vision project, OpenCV and Microsoft’s .NET framework.

Author Biographies

Shervin Emami, NVIDIA

Senior Systems Software Engineer

Mobile Computer Vision Team

Valentin Petrut Suciu, IT&C Security Master Department of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics

Bucharest University of Economic Studies


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Emami, S., & Suciu, V. P. (2012). Facial Recognition using OpenCV. Journal of Mobile, Embedded and Distributed Systems, 4(1), 38-43. Retrieved from http://jmeds.eu/index.php/jmeds/article/view/Facial_Recognition_using_OpenCV