Secure Environment for Internet Browsing


  • Alexandru Tudor Gavrilescu The Bucharest University of Economic Studies


phishing, virtual keyboard, web browser, cryptography, SQL injection, key logger, cookies


The Internet is used by a large proportion of the population, but unfortunately their education regarding the usage of the instruments available is poor, resulting in potential informational frauds, especially in the financial field.

In this article I have approached a few simple problems, yet very important and frequently occurred, regarding the secure environment for Internet browsing, proposing solutions for each of them. The security methods are: anti-phishing; the prevention of SQL injection, through the verification of the data given as input in the Address Bar and in the password fields and blocking the access in case of a potential threat; a virtual keyboard for preventing the recording of the keys pressed (key loggers); the backup of the credentials in a local file and the encryption of it to prevent unauthorized access, the decryption of the data is made using a unique encryption key, owned by the user.

Author Biography

Alexandru Tudor Gavrilescu, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies

IT&C Security Master Program

Department of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics


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