Web-Enabled Remote Laboratories


  • K. Ganesan VIT University, Vellore, India
  • B. S. Saranraj VIT University, Vellore


Lab Server, Remote Labs, Service broker, Web services


This paper describes about accessing the real laboratories using web services.   Students doing the course on “Embedded systems” can perform the various experiments such as analyzing the frequency measurement, generation of pulse width modulation using Freescale-semiconductor’s kit and Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) by giving different input parameters from anywhere at anytime through Internet or Intranet using a webpage provided in a client browser and submit it to a lab server (LS), which is interfaced with Freescale-semiconductor’s kit and digital storage oscilloscope (DSO).

The experimental specification is forwarded to the lab server through a service broker. Based on the experimental specifications given by the user, experiments can be conducted on the lab server side using real equipment interfaced with the LS. The application can be executed and the output generated on the DSO can be captured by the lab server machine and one can even convert the results into XML file and send those results to service broker. If user needs, the results can even be displayed on the remote client machine by the service broker. The present work uses iLab architecture which provides three tier client / broker / server architecture for the development and deployment of remote labs.

Author Biographies

K. Ganesan, VIT University, Vellore, India

TIFAC-CORE in Automotive Infotronics

B. S. Saranraj, VIT University, Vellore

M. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering


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