Security in SPGBP – Simulation of Protein Generation Bioinformatic Project


  • Toma Cristian Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania
  • Elena Purcaru “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy


bioinformatics, security, BioJava, BioSQL, communication protocol, distributed processing


Bioinformatics has known a rapid growth in the last decade, along with the development of the genomic projects worldwide. The Human Genome Project alone offers the sequences for 70 000 – 100 000 genes, as terra bytes of information. The major challenge nowadays is to process this huge amount of data. This paper comes to suggest a solution for the retrieval and processing of biological data. The main objective of this section is to point a direction in the development of tools that enable manipulation and efficient access to different types of biological data. Also, the major challenge is to use security in the proposed distributed architecture and to import concepts from bioinformatics into cryptography and IT&C security.

Author Biography

Toma Cristian, Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics

Department of IT&C Technologies


BioJava Project site,

BioSQL Project site,

National Genome Research Network,

Cristian TOMA, Elena PURCARU – “Security Issues Applied in SPGBP – Simmulation of Proteins Generation Bioinformatic Project” – based on Elena PURCARU bachelor thesis synthesis published in "Informatics Security Handbook - 2nd Edition", ISBN 978-606-505-246-8, pp. 615-646

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