Secure Mechanisms for E-Ticketing System


  • Toma Cristian Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania


ticketing system, secure distributed system, RFID cards, cryptographic authentication, encryption


The paper presents a secure authentication and encryption scheme for an automatic ticketing system based on symmetric and asymmetric cryptography. Some concepts and terms used in development of secure automatic ticketing system are presented. It is depicted an architecture of the secure automatic ticketing system with its components and their roles in this architecture. The section five presents the authentication and encryption scheme used for secure information from RFID cards. The authentication scheme is based on RSA and AES algorithms and it is inspired from SSL. Parts of this paper are in publishing process in [6], but the authentication and encryption scheme is described exclusivelly in this paper. The necessity of authentication and encryption scheme is given by the attack described in [7].


Author Biography

Toma Cristian, Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics

Department of IT&C Technologies


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